Corporate FB

Because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a journalist. Because on average, most newspapers are consider small, in which you are probably posting story links on your FB page. Granted I’m assuming a lot.

FB is a sneaky son-of-a-gun. It’s becoming all about advertisements and money. Geesh! What kind of company sells ads!?

I understand they need money, but I’m a poor journalist. I can’t give FB $5 to boost the number of people to see every article I write.

Here’s a way around that for now.

Put a teaser as the status and then in the comment section, link the story. It looks a little tacky, but supposedly it pops up in twice as many “friends” than if the story was linked as the status.



Text Alerts

I’m a college journalism student at the time being (one more year!!!). I have always loved receiving text alerts from news sites – maybe  I’m a slightly nerdy.

But I wanted to be able to send our readers text alerts if they wanted them.

The link is a lady describes how to set everything up. She described so well – I am not going to even try to butcher it up.

If you’re familiar with Google Docs/Drive, it’s pretty simple.